Our Vision

We have a vision that the Karori brand will become renowned for providing some of the softest handling merino wool in the world. Our average adult micron is 16.2u.

Karori merinos is a family business run by the Blomfield family in Walcha NSW and we have been producing quality superfine wools since the 1920’s and during the 1990s began to focus on breeding super softness with unique proteins into our wools so people could feel this unique and luxurious softness next to their skin. We are customer focused and believe that the softness in the raw wool will translate to softness in the end garments. Research seems to indicate that this is the case.

Our wool was involved in a CRC processing trial in 2012 with 3 other Northern Tablelands producers to help test the new Comfort Metre & Handle Metre. The results showed that all the wools in the trial performed better than high quality cashmere and top-of-the-range cotton for both comfort, softness and smoothness. Our merino wool, even though it was the highest micron wool in the trial, had the best softness and the best smoothness of all the wool in the trial.

Other traits we focus on to create superior processing are excellent length & strength, a deep well defined crimp to create elasticity and plasticity and pronounced lustre and brightness to maximise dye absorption & fabric sheen.

On farm we are focused on holistic farm management for environmental sustainability and ethical animal welfare practices. We support traceability and producing “Natural”, “Ethical” products so that our customers can have confidence in what we do and how we do it.

We run our farm on “natural” principles using natural animal fertilisers and a rotational grazing system to improve the organic matter in our soil and maximise carbon capture. This also helps to control Vegetable Matter in the wool as well as worm infestations in the sheep.  We do not apply any external chemicals to our adult sheep.  We are involved in animal health accreditation programs.

In our breeding program we have focused on breeding a plain bodied sheep that does not need mulesing and is naturally resistant to fly strike. This has created more ease of management and ease of shearing, creating a low stress environment for our sheep.

Currently, first stage processing is based on volume throughput and low margins which results in a devalued product and increases business risk. We promise to deliver a superior uniquely soft wool so that you can create unique garments for your customers. We hope we can exceed your expectations!